Our cultural beliefs are grounded on open communication, transparent dealings and fair inclusive conversations.  As part of our duty of care, we aim to capture as much information around our customers and clients’ values and your requirements prior to the start of your home modification.  We treat all information with the privacy and discretion one would expect.

We endeavor to be considerate of your needs and respectful of your wishes to ensure they’re met throughout the repair journey.  This holistic customer service approach is at the core of everything that we do, whether communicating with our office bound staff, on site supervisors, project managers or engaging with our trades at any time during the repair process.

During the initial stages of assessment, together with your Occupational Therapist (OT), our team will provide our customers with a detailed scope of works and present a range of different solutions that best suit your individual  requirements or requests.  We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have to ensure you are equipped with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. When you are ready and comfortable to proceed, we’ll be here to take care of you.

We believe the right home modification will assist those with disabilities or an older person, allowing you greater independence and ability to move around your home confidently, safely and with better ease.

These could entail structural modifications or include changes to the layout or fittings around your home, which would also benefit a carer, reducing the risk of injury to them whilst assisting you.


  • Grab rails, outside support rails
  • Full bathroom renovations & adaptations
  • Installing ramps
  • Safety locks
  • Raising and lowering cupboards and counter tops
  • Adjustments to lighting
  • Adding slip resistant coating to your tiles
  • Elevators an chair lifts
  • Widening doorways


  • House and yard maintenance
  • Cleaning Services


  •  provision of personal care and safety solution products that we can, if required, also install or provide

We’ve been in the building industry for over 25 years and our Project Managers are specialists in their field.  Our extensive range of specialist trades services who work with us, have been fully vetted for certification and licensing and have successfully completed a rigorous induction program on Workplace Health and Safety.

Here at HomeCare Repair Australia, we strive to create an inclusive culture across all our national branches to ensure our employees, contractors, customers, clients and suppliers are treated with dignity and respect.  We have always and continue to place a high importance on valuing diversity and eliminating workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

We do not tolerate any unfavourable treatment, whether it be age, disability, gender, pregnancy, culture, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation or any other individual character trait. Mistreatment of these occurrences are addressed swiftly.

For further information, please refer to our PRIVACY POLICY

At heart, we’re still a family-owned business that started out from humble beginnings in 1992 in the Sutherland Shire, New South Wales.  Over the years, with our commitment to quality and reliability, we have established trust within our communities and the building industry and whilst our business has expanded across Australia to deliver our services, our emphasis and operations remain as a tight-knit family with these values incorporated into all our branches.  This is evident in the various community endeavors and sponsorship’s we continue to support each year, bringing all our offices together as a team and supporting those in need in our local communities.

Know that when you work with us, you’re engaging with a company and people who love what we do and are passionate about the services that we provide.

We offer flexible solutions because we understand no two customers are the same and we’re here to be responsive and adaptable to meet those needs, delivering reliable and quality solutions.

If at any time you do encounter any issues, we have various means available for you to contact us to discuss these matters in a safe and comfortable environment.  Our goal is to ensure that every concern or issue is dealt with promptly, courteously and in accordance with their urgency.  Our steps to investigate and respond to a query or resolve a complaint are outlined in our Complaints Handling Life Cycle  HERE


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A member of our team are only a phone call or email away.
Where we don’t have a particular solution or service listed, please just ask!
We will still do our best to either find that solution for you or provide you with a contact that could help.

1800 155 166   supportservices@homecarerepairaustralia.com.au